What Is There to Do in Kalamazoo

At Pinewood Glen Apartments in Kalamazoo, we offer one- or two-bedroom options for our tenants in our comfortable, cat-friendly apartment units. There are a variety of things to do in Kalamazoo, including downtown shows, restaurants, theatres, bowling, trails, and more. Pinewood Glen is proud of the commodities we have for our residents, as well as the ideal location. With access to everything the city has to offer, while also being tucked into a nice residential neighborhood without the sound of rushing traffic behind you. With our trails and residential road, our apartments are the perfect space for families, singles, and college students.

Things to Do Here

There is plenty to do in the city of Kalamazoo. With venues including the Arcadia Creek Festival Place, the Kalamazoo State Theatre, the Epic Center, and the Kalamazoo State Theatre; there is always something going on. Some bars also have shows available if you catch a ticket in time, such as Bell’s indoor or outdoor venues, Shakespeare’s lower level, Papa Pete’s, and Louie’s. There is always something going on and if you check out these restaurants – you might find a show you are interested in attending. WMU and K College are close walks away as well.

Kalamazoo is not only a great concert scene, but it has trails and parks for its residents too. If you are new to the area and are looking to enjoy the beauty of nature. Check out the Kalamazoo Nature Center Park and trails, the Asylum Lake Preserve, Al Sabo Land Preserve, the Kleinstuck Preserve and nature trail, Milham Park, or hop onto the Kal-Haven trail to venture further out.

Nearby Towns and Activities

Some surrounding parks are the Fort Custer Recreation Area and the countless Portage trails and parks. These include the West Lake Nature Preserve, Bishop’s Bog Preserve, Paw Paw Prairie Fen Preserve, and more. Kalamazoo is 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit, walk the Millennium trail and take a picture with the halfway point! Kalamazoo is also 45 minutes from Grand Rapids, Niles, and South Haven. This leaves plenty of room for discovering outdoor recreational activities and other fun attractions.

We believe that Kalamazoo is a great location for families, singles, college students, and anyone who is looking for a smaller city feel with plenty to do. We are proud to be located in this fine city. If you are looking for a one- or two-bedroom apartment that is both comfortable and cat-friendly, Pinewood Glen is the place for you. We also have our Spruce Creek Apartment Complex in Portage if you prefer to be outside the city but close enough for the convenience. Contact us today to discuss your options – we welcome you to our community.