Ways to Make your 1-Bedroom Look Spacious!

When you want to make your 1-bedroom apartment look more spacious, there a few things you can do that really work! At Pinewood Glen in Kalamazoo, we cater to college students, families, and single-family homes. That is why we provide our residents the choice of 1- or 2-bedroom, traditional or conventional units at our apartment complex with storage options. If you are interested in adding more of an open feel or glamming up your unit, read on to find out some great tips and tricks!

Utilize the Illusion

When purchasing items for your 1-bedroom apartment, choose very light and very dark colors. When using a darker or lighter shade, it will give your room more depth! The contrast of the opposing shades will create an illusion of a larger space. If you choose to accentuate your apartment with medium shades, it will make it appear smaller.

Long curtains that take up the entirety of the wall or window will make the ceilings appear higher. Make sure they go from floor to ceiling though! The same goes for art and decorations, the larger the better. A room full of small items tend to make a room appear cluttered and smaller, while large items of d├ęcor like tables, large canvases, and bookshelves without surface decorations largen the room.

Use accent lighting instead of an overhead light. When you use lamps and a variety of lighting options, it helps the room appear more expansive. The same goes for natural light, if you have windows, utilize the sun. More items that help a smaller room appear larger are mirrors and throw rugs.

Hide the Clutter with Clever Storage

Pinewood Glen offers storage referrals for our residents, but for the stuff you need on a regular basis, try hidden furniture storage! Many people utilize tables and footrests with secret compartments for extra storage for books, magazines, movies, and more. Wall shelves are also a fantastic way to store smaller items and keep them out of the way. Underbed storage is also a great idea.

In addition to the feng shui hidden compartment options, Pinewood Glen has walk-in closets. So, have no worries when it comes to fitting everything you need with our large closet space. For more storage ideas, use our contact form to ask.

If you are interested in living at the Pinewood Glen Apartments in Kalamazoo in either our 1- or 2-bedroom units, please contact us today for availability! We also have our Spruce Creek Apartment Complex in Portage. For more information regarding Spruce Creek, click here! And, YES, we are cat friendly.