Living at Spruce Creek Apartments

Our Spruce Creek Apartments located in Portage have 1-or-2-bedroom apartments available, we are cat-friendly and provide you with privacy in our secluded location. Our units also offer large windows with natural lighting for maximized energy-saving features. In addition to these excellent benefits, Spruce Creek Apartments is also close to multiple entertainment spots, parks, and trails.

Nearby Amenities

Spruce Creek Apartments is in a prime spot in Portage, near the Crossroads Mall, as well as the Air Zoo, Airway Fun Center, Escapology, Painting with a Twist, Wings Event Center, Moors Golf Club, and more. Being on West Centre has a lot of perks when it comes to nearby amenities at your disposal, with stores, restaurants, banks, bars, and gas stations all within walking distance of your home. Portage is the perfect spot to live with your family with its local attractions. It is also within the vicinity of multiple schools for your children to attend, such as Portage Central schools, West Middle School, Haverhill Elementary, Moorsbridge Elementary, and Woodland Elementary.

Parks and Trails

Portage happens to be home to 19 parks! Spruce Creek is next to the Shaver Road bike trail that leads to South Westnedge Park, West Lake Nature Preserve, and Eliason Park – Eliason then is attached to Schrier Park by the Bishops Bog trail. The Shaver bikeway also connects to the Northwest bike trail, which will lead you to Haverhill Park, Westfield Park, and Harbors West Park. This bikeway also branches off into the Bicentennial trails which will lead you to Celery Flats, the Betty Lee Preserve and Bicentennial Park. With all these connected trails, you will find it easy to make your way around the city. In addition to these parks, we also have a lake front beach in Ramona Park and a bike track at Lexington Green Park. Along with these great trails that link the Portage parks, we are also near multiple walkways and the Kal-Haven trail linking Kalamazoo to South Haven.

This quiet apartment complex may be close to everything you need while also being nestled on a sideroad that gives you the seclusion that you need in today’s modern world where the hustle and bustle of the city can be a lot. With nature trails in our apartment complex, we provide you with everything you need to make this your next home! Contact us today to schedule a visit to tour your new home!