5 Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment in Kalamazoo

If you have grown tired of how your apartment in Kalamazoo looks, you can take a few easy steps toward decorating and updating it to make it really feel like home once again. Not only are the apartments at Pinewood Glen a great place to live, but they also offer you the opportunity to seize a space for your own need and make it into one that you can really thrive in.

We encourage all our residents to take the time to make their apartment feel like somewhere they can relax in and call home. To help, here are some ideas for decorating your space that you can try out!

1. Utilize vertical space

Whether it is a taller kitchen shelving unit or dresser, you can often more effectively use a space by utilizing the vertical space available to you. This can help to not overuse floor space, which means more space for hosting, relaxing, etc.

2. Bring in color

From including colorful wall art that can really pop on a blank wall to furniture that you have painted yourself in a vibrant hue, you can bring in color to your space to make specific areas stand out, draw eyes to areas of a room, and more.

3. Custom curtains

Rather than use standard curtains that come with your apartment, you can store them for the time that you are living with Pinewood Glen and put up fun, exciting ones that have a favorite pattern or color of yours on display. This one small change can completely change the mood of a room for the better.

4. A decorative illusion

If you want your space to feel bigger, you can utilize mirrors to add the illusion of a bigger space. Not only do mirrors provide a way to make a space feel bigger, but they can also reflect light in your apartment, bringing a brighter look to the space.

5. Light the space well

By bringing in good lighting to a space, you can completely change the feeling that it invokes. Through great lighting, a space can suddenly become more welcoming, and become somewhere that you and others want to spend time in.

These 5 ideas are just a few that Pinewood Glen encourages our residents to try out to make their space more comfortable and make the owner happy to come back to each day. Contact us today if you’re interested in renting with us!